About CBD

4 Key Benefits of CBD

CBD products are everywhere these days, and with these come thousands of claims, which, at times, can seem far fetched or too good to be true. The truth is, many companies make claims which are not legal or compliant. That’s why we have compiled this list of benefits you CAN expect from your CBD:

1. Hone Your Busy Mind

You’ve probably been there; your brain is like Google Chrome with 50 tabs open. Your internal processor is running at max, your battery is getting lower and lower, and an eventual crash is inevitable. So, how do we get our busy mind back to a hyper-focused, deadline crushing machine? CBD can help calm a busy mind and get you back on track, by having an effect on the body’s natural signalling system, which is thought to influence the activity of various hormones, neurotransmitters and other cells that affect emotional regulation.  CBD can allow you to be less distracted, more alert and sharpen your mind – who can say they wouldn’t benefit from a little more focus in their day?!

2. Dive into Deep Sleep

Not only is sleep vital for survival, it also helps us with memory retention, recovery from stresses like exercise and illness, as well as our ability to be efficient and focused during our day. If you find yourself lacking in the sleep department, why not try CBD to help you get to sleep quicker and have a better quality sleep?

3. Recover Like a Champ

Whether it be from a hard workout or a hard day at the office, sometimes we need a little extra help recovering! CBD is a secret recovery weapon. By helping to regulate hormones and build a healthy sleep routine, you can bank on CBD helping you to feel refreshed for whatever challenge or obstacle is standing in your way.

4. Achieve Clarity, Not a High

These CBD benefits, when using a good quality and compliant CBD product, are achieved without any psychoactive highs or scary side effects, so you can use it daily with complete peace of mind.  However, this can quickly be derailed if you choose a cheap or unsafe CBD, which might contain illegal or high levels of THC.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice all of these benefits, or put your health and safety at risk, with a product riddled with THC and other harmful contaminants. Find a CBD that is tested by a third-party, reputable laboratory to ensure your CBD has impeccable purity (like PURE 100 CBD).

Like the sound of these benefits? These are only a few of the many benefits and advantages you can get from using CBD. Still not sold? Sign up for our newsletter and you can get an extra 10% off of your first order!