5 Keys to Improving Your Focus

Focus. A simple, yet incredibly elusive word, which many of us struggle to achieve. Most people suffer from similar issues – distractions pulling them away from the task at hand, the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions, only ever completing small portions of what you need to, and a constant need for stimulants to keep yourself moving (the coffee addiction is real).

So, what is the secret? What allows some people to stay focused on one task until completion, where others jump around and end up with a sub-par result? Here are some ideas of how you can get your mind setup to be a task-completing, focused machine.

Prepare for your Day the Night Before

Rather than waking up early and having to get your brain wrapped around the numerous things that need to be accomplished, take an inventory before bed of what needs to be done and try to organise the hardest, most pertinent tasks (focus on these “big rocks” rather than collecting pebbles through the day).

Commonly, we wake up and go right to our phones and are instantly distracted by the emails and messages we’ve received, which has the ability to quickly spiral our day out of control. Take control of those moments, check for any emergencies or things that need to be dealt with right away and, if there aren’t any, get back to your primary tasks.  You can return to those messages once you’ve completed the big rocks for the day.

Want to get even further ahead? Map out your coming week on Sunday to have a good idea of what is to come. New to scheduling? Use an app like Google Calendar (works great on Android and IOS) or Apple Calendar if you’re more about IOS versions.

Schedule an Hour for the Pebbles

Just because we are focusing on those big rocks mentioned before, doesn’t mean we ignore the smaller pebbles completely. Try and find a time in your day where you can schedule an hour to go through those less dire emails and messages, or smaller tasks that are coming up. This will help to stop you from going back and forth between the big rocks and pebbles, never actually completing either one. But be diligent, don’t let yourself get stuck longer than you’ve scheduled on the pebbles.

Mute Your Notifications

As wonderful as technology can be for allowing us to be more connected with clients, friends and family, it is also a massive distraction machine. It may sound obvious but making sure to keep outside distractions muted, so you can focus on the day-to-day and important tasks, is key. Do your best to eliminate pointless distractions, even if this means setting up your emails to auto-respond during your peak focus times to make sure that you aren’t being constantly pulled away with “shiny objects”.

Sleep Your Way to Better Productivity

This one can be a vicious circle. You’ve got deadlines to meet and you can’t focus, so you fall behind, what does this lead to? Late nights trying to make a frantic catch-up so that you aren’t even further behind tomorrow. The problem is, the further we dive into sleep deprivation, the greater the effect it has on our ability to make decisions, our memory retention, creativity and problem-solving, all things that are imperative to be effective during our day. Aim to get yourself at least 7 hours of sleep per night. If this is something you’re struggling with, take a look at our blog on how to get a better sleep.

Add Some CBD to Your Routine

Want a super easy way to increase your focus in a matter of seconds? It can be as simple as a couple of sprays underneath the tongue! Because CBD is a natural product that helps many different systems throughout your body, you can count on it to give you razor sharp focus without the side effects that can come with other supplements. Unlike caffeine, you don’t have to worry about the inevitable crash as the day goes by, and as an added bonus, you don’t have to keep opening your wallet for coffees throughout the day! CBD assists your Endocannabinoid System, which can help your body’s natural hormone regulation. Add in the benefit of terpenes (aromatic compounds in hemp) and you get a synergistic benefit called “the entourage effect” that increases the therapeutic benefit of CBD. But, like every supplement, make sure you’re taking something as safe and pure as possible. Always look for third-party lab tests to make sure your product isn’t riddled with heavy metals, pesticides, harmful substances or high THC levels that will demolish your attempts to focus! PURE 100 CBD uses FEMA Science, one of the leading UK Government-Approved Third Party labs to test our CBD, providing you with market leading CBD oil.