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Premium UK CBD oil by Healthcare Professionals.

Aligned with Trading Standards & FSA Novel Food requirements for your peace of mind.

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This symbol means our CBD oil complies with FSA & Home Office guidelines. It is the symbol of safety and compliance for the UK CBD market.


Our CBD oil is 100% legal and screened for controlled substances by third party labs. This means you can buy our CBD oil with complete peace of mind.

Vegan friendly CBD oil

Our CBD oil has NO animal based ingredients, NO cross contamination during production and NO animal testing is carried out.


We use MCT oil as a “carrier oil” to help the CBD be absorbed more quickly into your system.

third party lab tested CBD

We go further than most CBD companies by testing it for pesticides, mycotoxins, dioxins, heavy metals & other contaminants.


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PURE 100 CBD oil is supported by the UK’s first CBD Novel Food application, demonstrating otherwise unseen quality and safety standards in the UK CBD market.


PURE 100 CBD can help rest your body and mind. CBD is commonly used by those who struggle to sleep well, thanks to its calming effect on busy brains. Studies suggest that CBD may help you fall asleep and stay asleep by having an effect on the body's natural signalling system, called the Endocannabinoid System. This signalling is thought to influence the activity of various molecules that affect things like the sleep-wake cycle and emotional balance.


Sleep is an important factor for recovery. Important hormone levels are regulated during the sleep pattern and a lack of good quality sleep can cause physical and mental fatigue. This is a risk factor for common illness. The body's natural signalling system, the ECS, regulates cortisol levels, which helps to prevent weakened immune function, weight gain, muscle atrophy and other negative side effects of chronic stress. CBD can be very helpful for athletes, who are dealing with the effects of rigorous training and the demands that competitions put on their bodies. CBD can therefore speed up the recovery process and allow athletes to train more frequently.


In today’s day and age, where work environments are becoming more demanding, focus is becoming a challenge. This is especially true for younger generations who are under increasing pressure to perform. CBD is a valuable supplement for focus and concentration and can help you stay on top of these pressures. PURE 100 CBD can help you be less distracted, more alert and sharpen your mind. Who can say they wouldn't benefit from a more focus in their day?

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-toxic compound found in cannabis. It has many potential benefits by helping your body balance various aspects of health. These can include sleep, mood, stress, recovery and focus.

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