Who are PURE 100 CBD?

First and foremost, PURE 100 CBD is made up of Healthcare Professionals who provide outstanding treatments for various injuries and medical conditions. We care about each and every patient and customer, and we are duty bound to do no harm. Therefore, you can trust that we will never falsely advertise or make false claims about our products.

Secondly, we have gained Assured Advice from Trading Standards. Our premium CBD products are also aligned with UK Home Office and Food Standards Agency (FSA) Novel Food requirements.  This is the gold standard for safe, legal and beneficial CBD in the UK.


Healthcare Professionals

PURE 100 CBD’s creators started their early careers in similar areas of healthcare, but on different continents. They met whilst completing a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science in Michigan. Here, they quickly discovered they worked well together. Their roots in the UK and Canada gave them both similar values: genuine care for each patient, passion for providing the best service and remaining transparent about healthcare.


Danielle Pain, an Osteopath from Oxford, founded PURE 100 CBD in 2020.

“We kept hearing our clients talking about how they, or someone they knew, had tried CBD and loved it!  Some of the claims we were hearing sounded too good to be true, some might even say miraculous. So we did what every good healthcare practitioner does – research”.


Conor Sandford Sales PURE 100 CBD



Conor Sandford, a Sports Therapist and Athletic Trainer from Canada, is part of the PURE 100 sales team.

“Coming from a Canadian background, I knew friends and family who had used CBD for years.  I started using CBD myself in recent years and loved the benefits I felt”.



Danielle founded her Healthcare Practice, The Pain Clinic in Oxford, in 2013. She has spent her career working with a myriad of clients. From the elderly to Olympic athletes, CEO’s to film and TV stars, and everyone in between. Danielle originally trained to be an Osteopath after experiencing treatment as a new mother and dedicated herself to 6 years retraining, alongside being a new single mum.  She continued to expand her knowledge, created a successful healthcare clinic and was named as a finalist for the 2019 UK Clinic of the Year Award.  

Like many others, both Danielle and Conor were forced to stop working in March 2020, when the world was struck with COVID-19 and put into lockdown.  Rather than enjoying some well earned time off, she decided to utilise this time to pursue her second healthcare venture. This was the start of PURE 100 CBD.


“We were seeing too many companies boasting false health and medical claims, having questionable purity and a lack of quality testing”.


Committed to CBD Excellence

Danielle wanted to bring CBD products to the UK market, which could be trusted for their superior quality and safety.  Her background in healthcare ethics and transparent, genuine healthcare carried through to the creation of PURE 100 CBD. They use only approved EU hemp, with state of the art extraction processes and government-approved laboratories.

It’s not just us who back our product, we have also gained Assured Advice from Trading Standards.  PURE 100 CBD products are aligned with Home Office and FSA guidelines. This means our customers are getting the highest possible quality CBD, without negative by-products, chemicals or contaminants. This level of safety and compliance was previously unseen in the UK CBD market.


“Our goal has always remained the same – to help improve the health and lives of our customers, as if they were our healthcare clients”.

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