5 Ways to Have a Better Night’s Sleep

We’ve all experienced the all-day struggle after a really bad night’s sleep, even the simple tasks can seem to drag. Your day starts to rely on caffeine just to survive.

Virtually all of your body’s systems are supported by sleep and are then negatively impacted by a lack of good quality sleep, with long periods of poor sleep quality increasing your chances of life altering medical conditions. So, how can we make sure that we are optimising our chances of getting a restful, quality sleep?

Here are 5 easy and natural ways to help get your sleep back on track:

1. Make a “Pre-Sleep” Routine

Getting into poor pre-bed habits can sabotage your sleep quality. Being in front of a screen before bed can restrict the sleep inducing hormones that help us to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep (for more information on how screens can affect sleep visit

You can try:

Winding down before bed – avoid screen-time and try to get into a relaxed mindset to ease into a peaceful sleep.

Low-level lighting – Slowly lowering the lighting as you get closer to bedtime will help gradually increase melatonin levels.

2. Find Time for Exercise

Regularly expending energy will help you to feel tired and ready for rest at the end of a day, but the big benefit is how exercise helps to regulate the hormones associated with stress and anxiety, helping you have a calm mind prior to sleep.  Some people find that exercising too close to bed time will actually make them feel more awake, so try fitting in a physical activity earlier in the day, even if it’s a brisk walk at lunchtime, or an online training session tailored just for you, like BODYFIT Online Training, by The Pain Clinic in Oxfordshire. They have been motivating and supporting their clients through lockdown and encouraging them to feel calmer and in control of their health during these trying times.

3. Monitor your Caffeine Intake

A nice rule of thumb to aim for is not to consume any caffeine for at least six hours before sleeping. Some research has shown that caffeine can delay the timings of your internal clock and reduce the amount of quality deep sleep. If you’re one of those people that enjoy the taste of coffee later in the day, try switching to a decaffeinated coffee to see if you can lower your caffeine levels without sacrificing something you enjoy.

4. Make your Room a Sleep-Inducing Haven

Trying to find the optimal temperature and comfort is a major part of getting a great sleep. If you can, get your room to around 15-20 degrees Celsius, try to manage the amount of light coming into your room and try using white-noise to block out any unwanted noises. Having a quality mattress and pillow is another essential consideration.  As you will spend a large portion of your life on your mattress, make sure to invest in a good quality one and rotate and flip your mattress as advised.  The advice is to change your mattress every eight years and your pillow every 1-2 years, depending on the quality.

5. Try a High Quality CBD Oil

CBD is the non-intoxicating compound that comes from help and can easily be added to your daily routine to help calm a busy mind and ease your way into a refreshingly deep sleep. CBD has a very safe profile and is therefore a great natural supplement if you’re looking to improve your sleep routine, without the adverse effects that come with taking sedative products. CBD oil, such as that of PURE 100 CBD, assists the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which helps with the signalling needed to promote sleep, support the nervous system and encourage a calm, relaxed, less stressed mind, putting you into the optimal state to get your well earned sleep.

Why use PURE 100 CBD?

If you were purchasing a mattress you would do your research and make sure that you go with the right product for you, making sure what you’re paying for is worth your hard earned money. The same goes for purchasing CBD! Some products can contain substances that can actually hinder your ability to sleep, such as THC and other harmful contaminants, or some don’t contain anywhere near the amount of CBD they claim to. This is why our healthcare team created PURE 100 CBD’s oil, because we understand that you deserve a pure product that delivers on results. We use third party, government-approved testing labs to ensure you get exactly what you expect in our products. For even more peace of mind, PURE 100 CBD has Assured Advice from Trading Standards, which is the benchmark for quality and compliance in the UK CBD market.

Try PURE 100 CBD oil and let your peace of mind help send you into a sound night’s sleep!